With a camera and thoughtful planning, Italian artist Valentina Loffredo leads us into her world of beauty and possibilities.
Where feelings can take geometric shapes, solitude can be playful and recharging, and where being little is an opportunity.

Valentina Loffredo was born in 1978 in Naples, Italy.

Her art practice begins in late 2013, when she starts experimenting with photography and posts her images on Instagram. Her work achieves immediate success, leading, in 2017, to a series of solo and group exhibitions.

Her series “As for me, I’m very little” has been exhibited with solo shows in Hong Kong and Milan and featured in Personal Structures, collateral event of the 57th Venice Art Biennale. Two of her photographs have been selected by Sotheby’s for their upcoming auction Curated: turn it up.

She currently lives and works in Hong Kong.