With a camera and thoughtful planning, Italian artist Valentina Loffredo leads us into her world of beauty and possibilities.
Where feelings can take geometric shapes, solitude can be playful and recharging, and where being little is an opportunity.

Valentina Loffredo was born in 1978 in Napoli, Italy.

In 2012, after giving birth to her second child and moving as a stay-at-home mom to Hong Kong, a city where she once worked in the jewellery industry, she was looking for inspiration.

In 2013, she approached photography as a tool to visualize her ideas and started using instagram to promote her work.

The attention from the media and the broader public led her to a following of 80,000 fans and her work to be featured in many international magazines, like Huffington Post, Feature Shoot, Design Taxi, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Ignant among others.

She currently lives and works in Hong Kong.

Represented by Novalis Contemporary Art